Our Ethos

Our ethos is our north star. It's part of every session and
lesson we teach, and at the heart of every decision we make.

At Core Confidence, ethical practice and client-centered coaching are at the heart of our philosophy. It is essential to understand that while we provide valuable guidance, support, and mentorship, we are not a substitute for therapy. We offer our clients the opportunity to engage with individuals who have navigated similar experiences, learn from their lessons, and embark on their own journeys toward growth and self-improvement. However, for clients facing deep-seated pain and trauma, we strongly advise additionally seeking the assistance of a mental health professional.


Our goal is to offer guidance with care and empathy, working towards the improvement of each client's well-being.


We believe in imparting a thorough understanding of social principles, serving as a means of enhancing our clients' social and dating skills.


We reject the notion of providing scripted or manipulative solutions to navigate social relationships. Instead, we aim to equip clients with the tools and knowledge needed to build real and authentic connections.


At Core Confidence, we approach every client with passion and enthusiasm, striving to make a the most positive impact in their lives.


We are committed to providing the most accurate information possible and continuously educating ourselves in order to stay informed on relevant topics and best practices.


We believe in learning from our clients, as well as our peers in the coaching industry, in order to provide the best possible service and results.

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