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Core Confidence is nothing without its incredible team of coaching all-stars. If you want to know more about our dating coaches in Melbourne and Sydney, you’re in the right place.

Andrew Gung, Melbourne and Sydney Dating & Relationship Coach
Andrew Gung


Andrew has been studying and applying the skills to develop real, meaningful relationships with incredible people over the last 10 years; learning from personal experiences and learning from world class dating coaches and mentors.

He has been a relationship and dating coach over the last 8 years, travelling around the world speaking in front of hundreds of men and women, transforming mindsets and how clients interact with the world. He has taken a strong interest in assisting both friends and clients with their dating, relationship, and professional development.



    Mendle has played a valuable role in the success of Core Confidence over the past four years. As a mentor and coach with a focus on business development and strategy, he has been a crucial resource for hundreds of clients seeking to enhance their confidence, social, dating, and professional skills.

    Through one-on-one video coaching, Mendle mentors both clients and fellow coaches. He brings a philosophical and analytical approach, resulting in improved dating experiences, stronger relationships, and boosted self-confidence. Mendle is dedicated to helping others become fulfilled versions of themselves.

    Vanessa, Provisional Psychologist and Mindset Coach

    Mindset Coach

      Vanessa is driven to help others through evidence-based practices. She deeply understands the psychological challenges that hold individuals back from living their best lives and building meaningful connections with others.

      Through her professional and lived experience, Vanessa has seen firsthand the countless social challenges that individuals face, and she uses her expertise to help clients overcome the mindset and blockers that get in the way of healthy relationships. With Vanessa's help, clients have the opportunity to transform their mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and build social skills and confidence to thrive in their relationships.

      Sarah, Counsellor and Mindset Coach

      Mindset Coach

        Sarah comes from a unique combination of sales and counseling, bringing a much needed female perspective to dating. Motivated by transforming peoples lives, she works with clients to practice their communication skills, helps develop and fine-tune their conversational skills, and is the primary coach for our female clients.

        In a session with Sarah, male clients will get the unique opportunity to role-play interactions and receive immediate feedback. She also offers insights into the lens a woman may look through to help you get unstuck with your matches, sharing spectacular texting, and dating advice.

        Paddy, Melbourne Social and Dating Coach


          Paddy has years of experience in coaching social and dating skills. He has been the social and dating coach for hundreds of men, from all walks of life, and has helped them transform themselves and grow their social circles with his unique and holistic approach to self-development.

          Our clients have had mind-blowing and character-building experiences with Paddy, walking away with the confidence and skillset to know how to improve their social interactions and build intimate relationships from both daytime and night-time settings whilst exploring some popular venues throughout Melbourne.

          Rodrigo, Tinder and online dating specialist


            With a background in corporate sales, Rodrigo has used his professional experience to develop a pragmatic approach to online dating, using this experience to teach clients to make the most of their pictures and to develop the online dating and conversational skills to spark attraction.

            Coaching from Adelaide, Rodrigo contributes to our community groups, educational material, and weekly webinars. He coaches clients in our online dating and in-field courses as a video coach to help clients learn how to set up and write their online dating profiles, communicate effectively online, and build and maintain connections with their matches.

            Heming, Retired olympian and Melbourne dating coach


              Heming is a junior coach with a wealth of experience in developing social and interpersonal skills. As a two-time Olympian and former student, he brings a unique perspective to his coaching, having experienced first-hand his own self-development and growth journey with Core Confidence. With his unwavering commitment to helping others, Heming works with clients in Melbourne to enhance their social skills and build confidence in social situations.

              Through in-person sessions and practical exercises, Heming guides clients on a journey of self-discovery and growth, empowering them to thrive in both day and night-time social settings. Whether you're looking to expand your social circle or simply want to be more comfortable in social situations, Heming is the coach for you.

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