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The Coaching Team

Andrew Gung | Professional Dating Coach
Andrew Gung | Professional Dating Coach Andrew Gung CEO + Lifestyle, Fashion, and In-field Coach

Andrew has been studying and applying the skills to develop real, meaningful relationships with incredible people over the last 10 years; learning from personal experiences and learning from world class dating coaches and mentors.

He has been a relationship and dating coach over the last 8 years, travelling around the world speaking in front of hundreds of men and women, transforming mindsets and how clients interact with the world. He has taken a strong interest in assisting both friends and clients with their dating, relationship, and professional development.

Anonymous Coach | Professional Dating Coach
Anonymous Coach | Professional Dating Coach Anonymous Coach Head Coach

For privacy reasons, this coach won't be named online. However, he's one of the most advanced social, relationship, and dating coaches in Melbourne and arguably Australia. He coaches at a very high level the strategies, principles, and applications of the inner and outer game that makes our clients successful.

He coaches clients and other dating coaches in one-on-one video coaching calls, helping them gain in-depth and personalized insights into all aspects of their situations. He explores fundamental principles and transforms the way clients think, leading to successful dates, personal and romantic relationships, and a greater overall confidence and presence.

Sarah | Professional Dating Coach
Sarah | Professional Dating Coach Sarah Melbourne Social Dating Coach

Sarah comes from a unique combination of sales and counselling, bringing a much needed female perspective to dating. Motivated by transforming peoples lives, she works with clients to practice their communication skills, helps develop and fine-tune their conversational skills, and is the primary coach for our female clients.

In a session with Sarah, male clients will get the unique opportunity to role-play interactions and receive immediate feedback. She also offers insights into the lens a woman may look through to help you get unstuck with your matches, sharing spectacular texting, and dating advice.

Paddy | Professional Dating Coach
Paddy | Professional Dating Coach Paddy Melbourne Lifestyle and In-field Coach

Paddy has years of experience in coaching social and dating skills. He has been the social and dating coach for hundreds of men, from all walks of life, and has helped them transform themselves and grow their social circles with his unique and holistic approach to self-development.

Our clients have had mind-blowing and character-building experiences with Paddy, walking away with the confidence and skillset to know how to improve their social interactions and build intimate relationships from both daytime and night-time settings whilst exploring some popular venues throughout Melbourne.

Phil | Professional Dating Coach
Phil | Professional Dating Coach Phil Sydney Lifestyle & In-field Coach

After ending a long-term relationship and starting over in his 30s, Phil had to learn the dating game from scratch. His frustration with dating apps drove him to go out to meet new people, to study and reflect on his interactions, and to hire a dating coach. Eventually, his newfound passion for the dating process had him supporting and coaching his friends.

Phil's immersive in-field sessions are instructive and rewarding, giving you a better understanding of key social skills, such as body language, social psychology, and verbal communication. He will guide you towards the heart of your limiting beliefs and will help you discover what it is that you really want, all while you experience real and meaningful in-person interactions in both daytime and nighttime settings across Sydney.

Rodrigo | Professional Dating Coach
Rodrigo | Professional Dating Coach Rodrigo Online Dating Coach

With a background in corporate sales, Rodrigo has used his professional experience to develop a pragmatic approach to online dating, using this experience to teach clients to make the most of their pictures and to develop the online dating and conversational skills to spark attraction.

Rodrigo contributes to our community groups, educational material, and weekly webinars. He coaches clients in our online dating and in-field courses as a video coach to help clients learn how to set up and write their online dating profiles, communicate effectively online, and build and maintain connections with their matches.