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Every great company has a great origin story. Here’s the story of how a friend’s breakup and a marriage resulted in a team that’s changed thousands of men’s dating lives Australia-wide.

Andrew Gung coaching a room of men in Sydney for dating, social, and attraction skills

Established in 2018, Core Confidence helps men improve their dating skills, offering a range of services to support their journey toward more fulfilling relationships. With a focus on mental health, mindset transformation, communication skills, attraction, in-person mentorship, and online dating, Core Confidence offers an immersive in-person experience with dating coaches in Melbourne and Sydney and also an online dating makeover that includes a fashion makeover, photoshoot, and texting training. With more 1-on-1 coaching hours than any other dating coaching company and a 97% approval rating, we aim to make lasting and meaningful changes to each client's life.

Our CEO, Andrew Gung, had his own journey with dating that inspired him to start Core Confidence Coaching. At 18, he entered his first relationship with a naive understanding of love and relationships, influenced by a traditional Asian upbringing, media, and pop culture. After multiple failed relationships, he became obsessed with self-development and growing as a man. He soon had mentors guiding him along his own personal development journey.

Andrew was deeply impacted by his own experiences with failed relationships, and he was determined to help others avoid the same mistakes he had made. When his friend went through a painful breakup, Andrew used his newfound knowledge and skills to support and guide him through the process. He taught his friend about the importance of self-confidence, communication skills, and healthy relationship dynamics, and his friend was soon able to turn his life around. With Andrew's support and guidance, his friend was able to get his ex-girlfriend back and eventually they got married. The transformation that Andrew's friend went through was a testament to the power of Andrew's teachings and solidified his commitment to helping others achieve their relationship goals.

Core Confidence was founded with the goal of helping men improve their dating and relationship skills. Our mission was inspired by the experiences of Andrew and his friend. Since its inception, Core Confidence has been dedicated to helping men from all walks of life take responsibility for their lives and transform themselves inside and out. With the support of our experienced team of Melbourne and Sydney dating coaches, Core Confidence has had a profound and lasting impact on the lives of its clients, including engagements, marriages, the start of families, and the rekindling of broken family and romantic relationships. Core Confidence exists to help men build on the lessons our coaches have painstakingly learned and to guide each client toward healthy, fulfilling, and lasting relationships.

Andrew Gung

Founder and CEO

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