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Make Dating in Sydney Easier with These 5 Tips

Andrew Gung

Sydney, the biggest city in Australia, is also one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. However, dating in Sydney can be difficult. People always seem to be in a rush and don’t seem to have time to really get to know each other. Locals can be unfriendly and may treat visitors like outsiders. It can be incredibly hot during certain times of the year (particularly during summer) making dates outside uncomfortably sweaty. Here are 5 ways you can overcome the Sydney dating challenges to achieve your dream dating life.

1. Take advantage of Sydney's bustling streets

If you’re looking to make the most of the bustling streets of Sydney, you should approach strangers and start a conversation; find out what they're are up to. As long as you do it thoughtfully and respectfully, it can be an effective method for making new friends or finding romance. There are plenty of popular public places to meet beautiful women. Head towards any of Sydney’s many parks, shopping centres, and beaches. The Botanic Gardens, Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction—you have no shortage of great outdoor destinations to meet new people and make romantic connections. Sydney is a hubbub of activity and there’s always something to see and do. From events like Vivid (and dozens more throughout the year), nightlife activities at Oxford Street and Kings Cross—there are thousands of things going on every day for single folks looking to mingle! Although it's easy to get overwhelmed by the busyness of Sydney's crowded streets, take advantage of the endless streams of interesting people you could build unique connections with.

Before you start approaching, read our Ethical Guide to Approaching Attractive Strangers .

2. Use dating apps

As Australia's largest city, compared to people who live in small towns, you're poised to meet a seemingly infinite number of people. This can be overwhelming, especially if you're new to the dating scene! Lucky for you, dating apps are full of attractive, singles who are looking for all different kinds of connections. From friendships to one night stands, to relationships, dating apps have got you covered. If the number of dating options is overwhelming, you can take advantage of the filters that most popular dating apps offer.

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3. Present your best self to the world

Sydney is a trendy city with a young population. People care about how they look, especially with their fashion choices. Dressing and acting your best is a simple way to increase your chances of meeting people that you find attractive. If you take pride in how you look, act, and behave, others will too! Presenting yourself as your best self is an opportunity for people to see what you’re capable of when you give them your A-game. Presenting your best self to the world will also help you exude confidence. It’s only logical: If you feel good about how you look and you feel more confident, then other people will be drawn to that confidence and naturally gravitate towards you. That's why, the team at Core Confidence Coaching, include professional fashion styling in our programs.

4. Be someone you love

If we don't love the person that we are, how could others be expected to love us? Be the kind of person you would want to date. For example, if you're more on the nerdy side, don't pretend to be a hipster just to find love. Do things that will develop your good qualities and enjoy yourself. Many people make dating harder than it has to be and overcomplicate things in an attempt to impress others. Go out there and be you! You'll have fun and feel a lot better about it if you do. If you're happy, the women around you will be attracted to that positivity. Focus on improving your social skills and confidence so you can be truly proud of the man that you are. Once you become that man, you'll soon find that your growth has led to a more confident and attractive you. What's more, rejection hurts less when you have self-worth and love yourself.

5. Discover Sydney's hidden secrets

In such a large city, it’s easy to feel like you’ve seen it all. But sometimes that’s not true. The thing about places and experiences is that there are always new things to discover, even if you think you’ve exhausted every option. Take dating for example. There are plenty of hidden dating spots to be found in Sydney! To find some of these spots, spend time exploring the nooks and crannies of the city. Go do side streets, laneways, memorials and other less popular sites. Google is your friend! Try learning about the city's history; not only will you have some fascinating date topics and things to share in your pocket, but you may just discover one of Sydney's many hidden gems along the way.

Unfortunately, dating can be hard no matter where you live. But there are ways to make it easier! Topping our list of tips for making your love life a little less lonely and a lot more fun is to get out there. Visit any of Sydney's many bustling locations that put you in front of attractive people with who you could connect. It’s amazing how great online dating apps have become—so check them out. And don’t forget about the importance of presenting your best self to the world and becoming someone you love. The more opportunities you give yourself to meet new people, and the more dateable you become, the better your chances of finding someone special. Finally, make your first dates special by taking your date to one or some of Sydney's many hidden and captivating spots.

Andrew Gung

The CEO and founder of Core Confidence, Andrew and has been studying, applying, and teaching the skills to develop real, meaningful relationships with incredible people over the last decade.