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5 Reasons To Get A Dating Coach

Andrew Gung

When I meet people and tell them I am a dating coach, the first question I almost always get asked is, “a what?”. Assuming that you’ve clicked on this blog because you’re asking the same question, let’s break this down!

We get it, we’ve all been there, and the dating world is stressful. Our own challenges in the dating scene are often what motivated us to become coaches. We have a deep understanding of the areas you want to improve in, and we can help you achieve your dream dating life. We do this by keeping you accountable, we set goals with you and make sure you’re staying on track. You will get stuck sometimes though, but luckily for you, we know how to get you unstuck by guiding you to effective solutions. These solutions have come from our own failures. So many failures. We get it, failing sucks, but we’ve made all the dating mistakes so we can hopefully save you from making your own. Although we call ourselves “dating coaches”, it is often other lifestyle factors that are holding you back. We see this, and we work with you holistically to help you become more confident so you can enter the dating scene as a more complete person. Let’s look at my top 5 reasons to get a dating coach:

Reason #1: Help you achieve more and fail less

As dating coaches, it’s our full-time job to make sure we have a niche understanding of the exact areas you need help with. We’ve devoted a huge amount of our lives to learning all about the dating world, what works, and what doesn’t. We spend all our time researching, practicing, and… you guessed it… coaching others through the exact same or similar issues that you are experiencing. You’re not alone. Dating is stressful. But, if done with the right guidance, dating is also fun. We’ll introduce structure, by setting goals, planning the steps that we can take together, and giving you the guidance you need along the way; suddenly, the overwhelming world of dating becomes more manageable, and dare I say, enjoyable. If you want to achieve your dream dating life, a good dating coach will get you there with less failure, more accuracy, and more success.

Reason #2: Accountability

We briefly touched on structure and goal-setting, but let’s dive deeper into that. A dating coach can help you set goals for your dating life, sure, but arguably just as importantly, they’ll keep you accountable and help you stay right on track. Every coach does this a little differently, but here at Core Confidence Coaching, we do this through regular Zoom video calls, an exclusive Facebook group, direct after-hours contact with a coach if you’re on our 6 and 8-week programs, and in-field sessions. We are always checking up on your progress, setting you tasks, and giving you all the resources you need to help you achieve your goals. As a member of the exclusive Facebook group, you’ll be in a unique position to communicate with other men who are going through a similar journey; a space where we can all motivate each other and help each other stay on track.

Reason #3: Get unstuck

So often we give up on things when we hit too many obstacles that feel insurmountable. The same goes with dating, often if you’re left navigating the dating world on your own, the psychological fatigue hits, and you feel like giving up. Have you ever been in a really good conversation with a girl and suddenly your mind goes blank and you’ve got no idea what to say to her? This might be a sign that you are ‘feeling stuck’. Imagine being able to reach out to a whole community of people and experienced dating coaches who have been through the same thing and know how to get you unstuck. Dating coaches can offer you support through these times, and give you a new perspective. At Core Confidence Coaching, we do this through our one-on-one video calls, where we can even look at your messages with you and help you come up with a response. You can even pop a screenshot in the Facebook group and have real-time help from our coaches and other students! Soon the skill will become second nature to you, and feeling stuck will be a thing of the past.

Reason #4: We've made mistakes so you don’t have to

I’ve not only seen and heard my clients’ dating fails, but have had many of my own! Yes, we are dating coaches, but we are also human beings with lots of dating experience (both successes and many failures). It is often our failures that have motivated us to help others not go through the same things (read more about why Andrew, the director of Core Confidence Coaching, became a dating coach here). While cold-approaching a pretty girl on the street might be foreign and a completely new thing for you, it’s second nature to us. We’ve done it many times to improve our own skills and have also seen many clients go through the same thing, so we know how you feel and how to best prepare and support you. When you feel down or feel like giving up, you can lean on us for support, we’ve got you!

Reason #5: Get more than just dating advice

The telltale sign of a great dating coach is one who can look at you holistically, inside and out. Dating coaches can see the whole picture from an objective point of view and focus on aspects other than just dating. What’s holding you back from achieving your dream dating life? Is it a lack of confidence, or under-developed social skills? Is it poor habits, or a limiting mindset? It’s hard to see these deep-rooted weaknesses in ourselves, but that’s where a great dating coach steps in. We do our best to help you resolve underlying issues that you’d never have thought would affect your dating! Without resolving our deep-rooted problems, they can eventually rear their ugly head. Resolving them is the key to you having healthy and sustainable relationships.

So there you have it! My top 5 reasons to have a dating coach. Of course, I could go on forever, but I invite you to try it out for yourself and discover what Melbourne and Sydney’s expert dating coaches can do for you. If you want to see what some of our clients had to say, you can read some testimonials, and scroll through our Google reviews. To get started, register for a free call with one of our expert dating coaches, and let us prove to you why hiring a dating coach will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Andrew Gung

The CEO and founder of Core Confidence, Andrew and has been studying, applying, and teaching the skills to develop real, meaningful relationships with incredible people over the last decade.